Its’s easy to make the green choice for auto glass replacement.

In 2009, almost every windshield replaced in the U.S. went straight to the landfill.


You can change that. Right now. By choosing an AGRNA-certified autoglass repair shop, you can be sure your old windshield will be recycled and put to good use. In fact, both the glass and plastic components of your old windshield will be used again, and the landfill will not.

Glass Shop Certification

 An AGNRA certified shop assures you that the old windshield will be sent to an AGRNA recycling facility,giving you peace of mind that you made the environmentally sound choice. 

Insurance Company Participation

Your windshield replacement might be an insurance claim.  See if your Insurance Company is enrolled in the AGRNA certification program, signifying their commitent to an evironmentally sound glass claims policy.

The Story of windshield replacement

This describes how your windshield is removed, replaced properly and the start of the journey to the recycling plant.